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The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no) is hosting the high latitude part of the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF under a contract with Météo France. The OSI SAF High Latitude Center project team includes members from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (met.no) and Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Other partners in the OSI SAF consortium are KNMI and IFREMER.

The purpose of these pages is to present the work done by the high latitude project team and make the high latitude product available. This includes ftp-links to the products, description of the products, test examples of the products and documentation related to the products and the project.

More information about the Ocean and Sea Ice SAF can be found at the central OSI SAF web portal http://osi-saf.eumetsat.int organized by Météo France. Further information about the SAF projects in general are given at the EUMETSAT web portal http://www.eumetsat.int.


We encorage all users of the OSI SAF products to register in our users data base. This will give you access to more detailed documentation and the possibility to receive service messages and news on your product of interest. Go to the central OSI SAF web portal http://osi-saf.eumetsat.int to register.