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Product information

Information about the OSI SAF Sea Ice products developed and produced at the OSI SAF High Latitude Centre is given by following the links below. For information about the intermediate SST and Flux products, follow the links in the left panel. The SST and Radiative Flux products presented at this site are not official OSI SAF products, but intermediate high latitude products that are merged with the low and mid latitude products at Météo France. For access to the official OSISAF products of SST and Radiative Fluxes, please enter http://www.osi-saf.org/. For Product User Manuals and validation results, look under Documentation.

Sea Ice products
SST products
Radiative Flux products
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Download products

From FTP server

Our products are available through our anonymous ftp server. There is one directory for archived products and one with products from the last 31 days. The online archive contains data from the date when the different products where declared operational. Follow these links to download the products:

Operational products

Sea Ice products (last 31 days) (ftp://osisaf.met.no/prod/ice/)
Sea Ice product archive (ftp://osisaf.met.no/archive/ice/)
Atlantic High Latitude SST products (last 31 days) (ftp://osisaf.met.no/prod/sst/)
Atlantic High Latitude SST product archive (ftp://osisaf.met.no/archive/sst/)
Atlantic High Latitude Flux products (last 31 days) (ftp://osisaf.met.no/prod/flux/)
Atlantic High Latitude Flux product archive (ftp://osisaf.met.no/archive/flux/)

Reprocessed products

Reprocessed Sea Ice Concentration data set (ftp://osisaf.met.no/reprocessed/ice/conc/v1p1)

From THREDDS server

Some of our products can also be accessed through our TREDDS server. Follow these links to go to the online THREDDS archive:

Operational products

Sea Ice products archive on THREDDS (http://thredds.met.no/thredds/osisaf/osisaf.html)

Quicklooks of products

Quicklooks of the OSI SAF products can be access through a quicklook archive browser.

Quicklook browser for operational products

Select the parameter you want to view in the menu.

Quicklook browser for reprocessed ice concentration data set