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Product download information

From FTP-server

Our products can be downloaded through our anonymous ftp server on HDF and GRIB format. There is one directory for archived products and one with products from the last 31 days. Northern Hemisphere Sea Ice products have been archived since since 1. March 2005 and Southern Hemisphere products since 01.01.2007. Follow these links to download the products:

Operational products

Global Sea Ice products (last 31 days) (ftp://osisaf.met.no/prod/ice/)
Global Sea Ice products archive (ftp://osisaf.met.no/archive/ice/)

Demonstration products

At the moment, we have no demonstration products.

From EUMETCast

The sea ice products that have been declared operational by EUMETSAT are available through the EUMETCast dissemination service. At present the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere products are available, all in GRIB format. The LR sea ice drift product is available in NetCDF only.

More information about the EUMETCast service can be found on the EUMETSAT web-pages, http://www.eumetsat.int.